GT4: First place, selected to fly on EM-1!

This morning, the NASA Centennial Challenges program announced the results of the fourth and final Ground Tournament in the CubeQuest.

The Cislunar Explorers team is proud to say that we won first place, earning a $20,000 prize! More importantly, we are officially one of three CubeQuest selections to fly as a secondary payload on EM-1 in 2019. This will allow us to compete in the Lunar Derby and become among the first CubeSats to depart Earth orbit. We are grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate our new technologies in orbit. Success will prove the viability of water electrolysis propulsion and interplanetary optical navigation, both of which will contribute to expanding the capabilities of the CubeSat platform.

Congratulations also to our neighbors on EM-1, CU-E3 and Team Miles, both of whom will demonstrate their own incredible technologies in the Deep Space Derby. We are looking forward to completing our spacecraft and flying into space alongside them, the other secondary payloads, and the Orion space capsule.

Above all, we are excited to continue with our multi-year journey from whiteboard scribbles, to a completed design, to a manifested payload… and hopefully, to the moon!


4 thoughts on “GT4: First place, selected to fly on EM-1!

  1. This post is 6 months old. The National Space Society sent me a money request for CLE but I’m not going to donate if I can’t see what’s up with the team. Feels too remote.


  2. I don’t think the moderation feature helps the blog at all. Censorship is unecessary until spamming gets bad on the site. As it is, the blog seems dead which is bad for public support.


    • The spam-to-comments ratio used to be >>1, so we had set comment approval to manual. There hasn’t been a spam comment in some time, though, so we have re-enabled automatic comment approval.


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