Ground Tournament 3 Prize!

NASA’s Centennial Challenges program recently announced the results of the third Ground Tournament in the CubeQuest. The Cislunar Explorers team is proud to say that we won second place, earning a $30,000 prize! This brings us closer to our goal of being selected for launch on the EM-1 mission as a secondary payload, which will allow us to compete in the Lunar Derby and become among the first CubeSats to depart Earth orbit. It is a great followup to our prize-winning finish in the first Ground Tournament last year. The next and final Ground Tournament will be in February 2017. We hope to maintain our strong position to win another prize as well as an EM-1 launch opportunity!

We have been fortunate to earn a total of $80,000 so far due to our strong performance in both Ground Tournaments. Now, our fabrication and testing process is ramping up as we prepare to produce complete, space-ready CubeSats for Ground Tournament 4. We are off to a running start in  the build process, with our avionics, electrical power system, and engineering-unit spacecraft bus already completed. Funds raised in the crowd-funding effort on Kickstarter will defray these costs and reduce mission risk: we’ll be able to afford high-efficiency solar cells, 3D printed titanium combustion chambers, and more!


With your help, we can make the road to space an easier path for everyone!

One thought on “Ground Tournament 3 Prize!

  1. I’m a retired person and member of NSS and wish you would post some technical drawings of the spacecraft systems online. I fancy the public may offer constructive aid and suggestions if they see some architecture.


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