Ground Tournament 3 submission complete!

The Cislunar Explorers team is one of the competitors in the CubeQuest Challenge, a NASA Centennial Challenges program. We are seeking one of three launch manifests available through the CubeQuest, spots on the NASA Space Launch System (SLS) Exploration Mission 1 (EM-1). The primary payload for that launch is NASA’s Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle. If selected, the Cislunar Explorers will join a total of twelve other CubeSats as secondary payloads. We’ll be part of a fleet of nanosatellites demonstrating novel technologies in cislunar and deep space.

We have been very successful in the CubeQuest so far, winning prizes to help fund our continued development at both of the two “Ground Tournaments” so far. Last night, we completed and turned in our Ground Tournament 3 submission to NASA. This is the penultimate design review for the CubeQuest, meant to show NASA that we have a complete and thoroughly tested design ready for fabrication of flight units. Our submission contained close to 600 pages of documentation: images of test and prototype hardware, analysis and test results, details of our planned mission, schedules for future development, and documentation of safety compliance.

We’re excited to advance another chapter in the Challenge, and to continue our quest to launch on EM-1. Thanks for joining us in this effort! With your help, the Moon seems closer every day.

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