Safety Review Success!

Cislunar Explorers had a successful Phase 0 Safety Review! The purpose of this review was to introduce our spacecraft to the Space Launch System safety and integration team, so they know what possible “dangers” to expect from us while our spacecraft are stowed onboard. This is the prologue to the more rigorous Phase I Safety Review, where we are expected to present more formal analysis of any possible danger and strategies to prevent it.

A quick summary of our potentially hazardous features, and the mitigation strategies we already have:

  • A tank full of liquid water at 1 atmosphere of pressure (until long after deployment from EM-1).
    • Potential hazard: Leakage of water into EM-1.
    • Prevention: Extremely large factor of safety due to the vessel being designed for containing electrolyzed, combustible gas mixtures that will not be present until after deployment.
  • A pressurized carbon dioxide cylinder for use with the cold gas thruster.
    • Potential hazard: Bursting under high temperature during launch.
    • Prevention: Completely-off-the-shelf parts with a high factor of safety.
  • Lithium-Ion batteries.
    • Potential hazard: Rupture due to overcharging or some other cause.
    • Prevention: Use of CubeQuest-required batteries, external casing to contain spills.
  • The spring-loaded separation mechanism.
    • Potential hazard: Premature separation.
    • Prevention: Multiple inhibit switches and ground station command required to trigger.
  • The communications system.
    • Potential hazard: Inadvertent transmission while still onboard SLS.
    • Prevention:¬†Multiple inhibit switches and ground station command required to trigger.

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