Ground Tournament 1 Submission Away!

We have recently completed our submission to NASA’s CubeQuest for the first Ground Tournament! This submission was primarily design documents, but also verification of rules compliance and summaries of early experimental results. We included:

  • A Registration Data Package, establishing our team and its members as officially part of the CubeQuest.
  • Our Mission Concept Registration Data Package, which includes:
    • Concept of Operations, a brief summary of which can be found at our Spacecraft Design page.
    • Mission Design, a list of subsystems and description of their operation.
    • Method for CubeSat Disposal, to prevent our spacecraft from becoming orbiting debris.
    • Communications Concept, which can be found at our Communications page.
  • A schedule of our planned experiments and integration efforts leading up to launch and the mission.
  • Design materials, such as CAD files and schematics.
  • An in-depth explanation of our optical navigation method.
  • Safety related checklists and presentations, to prove our vehicle is safe for launch on EM-1.
  • Our complete mission trajectory in the form of an STK file and recorded output.
  • Data such as ANSYS thermal and radiation analysis.
  • …etc.

From now, there is less than a month before the Ground Tournament commences on August 3rd! There, we will have a video conference with CubeQuest personnel who will be scoring us on these (and more) documents!

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